Sheridan's 15 Fields Cheddar, 150g
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Sheridan's 15 Fields Cheddar, 150g

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The name 15 Fields originates from the pastures on which the cows graze, the 15 fields. The cheese is made by traditional cheddar methods using raw milk and traditional rennet.

This combination of great raw milk from the Lonergan farm, the cheesemaker's skills and the maturation in the microclimate of the maturing room produces a cheddar style cheese that has a compact but not overly dry texture and a clean long flavour, incorporating gentle acidity, with earthy and sweet flavours and aromas. 15 Fields combines all of the elements of upmost importance in farmhouse cheesemaking.

With raw milk from a single farm created by a great cheesemaker. The cheddar takes on flavours and aromas unique to its environments in production and maturation. Enjoy!

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